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Monday, November 22, 2010

New Favourite Song + The Cutest Baby Of 2010

Remember way back to my 2nd post here, the "Placenta" one? Yeah, last week. Anyway, I said you wouldn't see many officially-released videos here. Well, one isn't many....

The video is fun and fits the mood, so what the heck.I hope you'll give a look/listen to my latest favourite tune.

Turn up those speakers boys and girls and please, do up your seatbelts.

I hope you enjoyed that. I wasn't very familiar with the tune until I came across this next video last week. When you see it, you'll understand that my tastes are shared by a discriminating young man. This lad is not only a musical connoisseur he can...well...see for yourselves. (And thank goodness he was wearing his seatbelt!)


  1. Makes me wanna get strapped in a car seat and go on a nice long road trip.

  2. Fun stuff. I had Googled and found the song after you originally sent the cute dancing baby too. Tis a good one. Gotta love that kidlet.

  3. Dancing children? OK, here you go.


  4. That little boy is just adorable. When he gets going to the music, you can't help but giggle.

  5. What an excellent tune! I could absolutely eat that little boy up, he's a doll!

  6. MG, some tunes just sound better on a car radio, don't they?

    That's for true, Hil. :)

    Cool tune, Cay. Thanks.

    I agree, Fragrant Liar. Watching is an instant mood picker-upper.

    Glad you liked, Lisa. And yep, he's more squeezeable than Charmin. :)

    Thanks all, for taking the time. I appreciate it.

  7. I see a future drummer right there, lookit them feet go!

  8. Eras,
    Love both the song and the cutie .. Florence & the Machine are a great group. Love it!!

    .. Sandy

  9. I think you're right, Charlie.

    Glad you enjoyed, Sandy. Thanks for letting me know. :)

  10. Love that kiddo! He's infectious.


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