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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


A few times over the past couple of years, at BaronItAll, I've done a music-related post. Judging by the few comments and paucity of emails, they didn't go over especially well. But music is important to me. And I know it is to a lot of folks. Hearing it, making it, sharing it -- all are wonderful ways to spend time. And one of the greatest gifts this computer age has given us is the ability to watch and listen to musicians from around the world. At the merest click of a mouse you can find some old footage of Duane Allman, or Solomon Burke or Ella Fitzgerald. And a gazillion other folks, famous and not, from yesteryear or today.

So I decided to start another blog. Yeah, one of those annoying people with multiple blogs. (Of course I didn't mean yours!) On the plus side, you dasn't hasta visit...well, either one really. But if you're interested in music and would like to see if (this time) our tastes mesh (or don't) I hope you'll check it out. And feel free to comment if you think my featured choices suck.

Most of what you'll see here are YouTube videos, probably with an intro. I hope you enjoy a goodly portion of them. (Being as how there's no accounting for taste, you're unlikely to love 'em all.)

And that heron pic in the header? Well, that's probably a tale for my other blog.

Hmm...or maybe another blog....


  1. Hope you have fun with it.. I'm sure you will. Now, how about a header of you playing guitar? :)

  2. Now that's just scary.

    Hmmm...but maybe...with my shirt off and my hair out of its ponytail. I'd have to get a couple of tats first. Pretty sure it's a rule now for musician types...Yeah! I like it!


  3. Oh, I HAFTA see Frank playing the guit-box!

    And tats are optional. I have none and I have been accused of being a musician on occasion. Besides, too often things like tats or bizarre hair and other acoutrements seem like compensation for lack of actual musical talent. *cough*MarilynManson*cough*

  4. Charlie, I'm an eight-chord thumb-strummer. Can't hang onto a pick to save my life. Compared to me, Manson is probably a musical god. ;)

  5. 8 chords would have made you "jazz-influenced" back in the heyday of Chuck Berry style rock n roll. :)

  6. Don't take away the wrong message for the paucity of comments on your musical posts.

    Many have read the posts, watched the clips and nodded in silent agreement. Well, at least one did.

    I hope you don't mind my sharing this on Facebook.

  7. Not at all Bruce. Thanks for the visit.

  8. Jazz-influenced, eh Charlie? I like it. ;)


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