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Friday, December 24, 2010

It's Not Really Christmas

until Darlene Love takes to the stage of the Ed Sullivan Theater on the Dave Letterman show and sings Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).

She did so last night for the 17th (or maybe 18th) consecutive year. Unfortunately, as of this posting, I could only find two videos of last night's performance and each is less than stellar. So, I delved a little further into the stacks and found last year's.

The year doesn't really matter. Darlene's the thing. Turn up those speakers boys and girls. (The darkness fades in a few seconds.)


Merry Christmas folks.


  1. 7890.

    That's the number of tracks in my computer music library.


    That's the number of Christmas tracks on my computer music library.

    And you make me add thirteen more, the album containing this one and twelve more renditions not in my "stacks".

    I wish you a happy Christmas. My gift to you - check out Analog Jazz. You won't believe the story when I write it.

  2. Great tune! Hope Sandy Claws was good to everyone!

  3. I hope you had a wonderful holiday and that Benny got a you a good gift :)

    I've been watching Dave for all his years and Darlene for Christmas has always been one of my favorite moments

    She is amazing!!

  4. I remember watching her on DL with you at least once over the years. Traditions of all kinds are good. Glad you enjoyed.

  5. Thanks Bruce. Looking forward to the story. Hope your holidays are happy.

    It is, Charlie. Same back atcha'.

    She sure is Dianne, and she's 72! What an inspiration, eh? My holiday was fine. Hope yours was great too. :)

    I hope to for many more years, Hil. :)


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