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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Maybe "The" Guitar God

As one of the world's worst two or three guitarists (Fumble Fingers is my nickname) I have an abiding appreciation for pretty much every other guitarist on the planet. Some, however, elevate themselves as high above the pack as I rank below it.

We all know their names, even their first ones will do in most instances: Jimi, Eric, Jeff, Stevie Ray, (insert your fave here) ________ .

But there's this guy...this blues guitarist named Joe Bonamassa, who just might be the best of the best. If you love brilliant guitar work (and darned impressive vocals) sit back, turn up your speakers and treat your ears to 9 minutes of wondrous artistry.

Told ya'. Didn't I?

I have one more folks, and this is a nice treat. Joe is joined on the Royal Albert Hall stage by Eric Clapton. Check out the near non-stop grin from Clapton as they start trading riffs around the 4 minute mark. He's enjoying himself hugely and why not? Those two make beautiful music together. Look. Listen. Enjoy.

Thanks to AlruneRod2811 and lukebest88 for posting the vids on YouTube.


  1. Niiiiiiiiice! I've never heard of him, what a talent and a treat. I shall share this with my boys as I do all of these posts, but I think they will appreciate the guitar playing here.
    I wish I was Clapton's guitar!

  2. Tommy Emmanuel, an Aussie, must be up there somewhere too. Very different style of playing, but very skillful and creative with the accoustic guitar.


  3. Nice! Alex and I listened together. Neither of us had ever heard of him before either.

    As for your own guitar skills, you're far better than you're saying. Of course I'm probably the only one of your regular readers who really knows that. Except maybe for your sisters. Back me up, Lisa!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing.

    (and Ubi needs to start a blog.) ;)

  4. I also have seen that Albert Hall video recently for the first time. Joe is impressive, and if Mr. Clapton likes Joe, he must be the real thing. (I met Eric a couple of times back in the day, once with that Pattie/Layla person on his arm...too bad our pet gibbon ape peed on her new leather jacket that evening.) Randomly speaking, here are the legendary Danny Gatton and then another guitar whiz that I happened to go to high school with, Travis Wammack.



  5. Nah, Ubi doesn't have regular enough time or inspiration for a blog. So he'll lurk and drop by others from time to time instead. :)

  6. Funny story how I came across this guy. I was up in Alabama bush-hogging my little piece of dirt (okay, I wasn't driving...but) and this long-haired hippie guy was playing his stereo real loud next door. He tells me it is HIM! And so I ask him to cut me a disk for my drive back to Florida. I am loving it and sending him e-mails thinking I've just discovered the next big thing! Then, by fate, a couple months later, I hear a commercial for the real Joe playing one of his songs...What a sucker I was. Oh well. All's well that ends well!

  7. Lisa, it was a treat watching/listening to them have such a great time on that stage. I've watched both vids about six times each. ;)

    Yes, Ubi. I'm familiar with Emmanuel and he definitely belongs in the pantheon of guitar gods. Not sure I'd put him at the head table, though...but close by.

    Hilary, that's kind of you to say. But I doubt anyone believes you. ;)

    Cay, both those guys have/had chops.

    True enough, MG. At least you got introduced to some great music. :)

    Thanks all, for taking the time to listen and comment.

  8. JB is a killer player. I've been a fan of his for a few years now, ever since I got back into playing and started reading the guitar magazines regularly again. Apparently he made his mark pretty early on....


  9. I had never heard of JB, he's wonderful
    I really enjoyed the 2nd video, I adore Clapton
    wonderful stuff, thanks

  10. Wow, Charlie. Somehow, I should be surprised but I'm not. The guy seems born to play and apparently, the blues got in his blood a lot earlier than it did in mine.

    Indeed, Bruce.

    Glad you enjoyed, Dianne. Thanks for letting me know. :)


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